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Book review: Dr Dale’s Zombie Dictionary

Right, there are a plethora of survival self-help books out there, covering vast areas like how to survive as a tourist in Paris with only the English language as a tool, how to survive in Sahara with nothing other than a teaspoon in your backpack. Have you read any of these ?

Of course not,  not only are they useless. But any sensible person would not find themselves in such situations unprepared, and you would at least have a biscuit with you if you venture in to the Sahara desert.

Now granted Zombie outbreaks never mind a Zombie apocalypse is a rare thing. In all of  recorded history there have never been a documented case. However there is doubt when it comes to Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and that lot. However Michael Jackson  recently debunked the theory of him being of the undead variety by actually dying.

But why play the long odds of such a thing never happening when you know there is a mad scientist just microbes away from releasing the undead plague on an unsuspecting world.

Dr Dale's Zombie Dictionary: The A-Z Guide to Staying AliveThis book covers all areas of Zombie survival, with clear references to movies, books and other zombie related material that any serious Zombie survivalist will have exposed themselves to. It does away with myths and preconceived notions you might have regarding the Zombie uprising.

Right, on a more serious note. This is not a very serious book, but it is hilarious and I really enjoyed reading it. This book does for survival books what Shaun of the Dead did for Zombie movies. It pokes fun at them in a brilliant way. And there are zombies, you can never go wrong with zombies… unless they are Nazi zombies… they’re rubbish. Other zombies mock them.

This is also a great read-a-few-pages-and-put-it-away book, so great for reading on a commute, while traveling or while there is a commercial break in your favorite soap; Coronation street for instance. Or when like me you feel like you don’t have the energy to read a more serious book like say, How to Survive the Sahara desert with nothing but a teaspoon.

So read this seriously funny book, and should the Zombie apocalypse actually happen you are as prepared as you could be.

edit: The Zombie apocalypse might already have started… at least in a virtual sense, hone those zombie evasion skills now with Zombie Streetview.