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Book review: The C-Word by Lisa Lynch

The C-Word by Lisa Lync (Kindle edition)To quote Stephen Fry:

“I don’t think she’d mind me calling her the web’s top cancer bitch”

This is not a fictional story, it is a real story containing real people, those of an intelligent nature might have guessed this already. So why then should anyone read a story about a person they do not know, and her experience with breast cancer. Surely there is enough misery on the news and life in general. So why spend money and time on reading a book that can’t do anything but foul up your mood ? Well I could possibly mention that it is an important issue, and making people aware of it makes this book a worthwhile effort.

And I would not be wrong (in my own opinion) however this suggest that you should read the book much in the same manner that teachers told you that reading.. well anything educational at age 12, as a chore to be done rather than enjoyed. That would be wrong.

This book tells a serious story, what makes it a good read (and trust me it is) is the people in it; and in how they and the transpiring events are described, detailed and obsessed about. This is as much or even more a story about people rather than breast cancer; it merely being the reason for this story to be told. Well not quite. But it is as accurate a description as I can manage.

So get yourself a cup of tea (or Gin & Tonic) and some biscuits and read about Lisa and how she felt as nervous as Pete Doherty in a customs bust when visiting the hairdresser(one of the many passages that made me snort/laugh/spurt-liquid-through-my-nose), and her chase to get herself a pair of louboutins and join her in the epic stuggle choosing between wig or headscarf.

Or the fantastic Mr. P. concocted what I only can imagine to be an epic pot of chili when faced with dull taste buds, and many many others.

In conclusion, read this book.. it will be well worth it. If you somehow still are on the fence head over to alrighttit.com and read up on some of the story there.