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Dead Space 3 + The Awakening (an update)

Dead_space_3_awakenedI just replayed Dead Space 3 (plus the DLC) in classic mode.. it was quite fun, but I suddenly remembered one of the biggest disappointments I had with the game, there is no scary song… in the first game (which is brilliant even after all these years) had a haunting cover of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Dead Space 2 had Ring around the Rosie However Both Dead Space 1 & 2 were horror survival games whereas Dead Space 3 is more of an action survival game. This may have made it more difficult to incorporate such a song as there is no longer a true feeling of isolation during the gameplay. Nor any sort of long scary stretches where a song might be played to in the background and give the same chilling experience.

There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it feel like a natural progression of the story line, which is a good one..

But I miss the feeling of horror and terror I had when first playing through Dead Space 1… but the rule of diminishing returns applies, and so in my mind progressing over to an action segment in the third game is a good way of keeping the game experience “fresh” in this franchise, had they attempted to make it a horror game it would, I think, only be a horror game to those who had not played the previous games.

So if you have not yet, I recommend playing Dead Space 1 & 2 & 3 + Dead Space 3: The Awakening… the latter a DLC which most definitely should not have been a DLC but rather included in the game as it is the “true” ending of this story arc.

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