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should be self-explanatory

Review: Far From Home by Tony Healey

tony_healry_far_from_homeThis is the first new book series I’ve started to read in a while. I bought this on a whim, and I have now started to read it (about half way through the series.)

I will complete reading the series, but I feel I have enough of “a handle” on the story to write this review.

The story is not terribly original, I would guess that the author is somewhat of a Star Trek Voyager fan, so if you enjoyed the adventures of Cpt. Janeway and her crew, you will in all probability enjoy this book series as well. The story sets the scene, it is a familiar one. Two factions waging war, one ship escaping an ambush only to end up in an uncharted part of the universe, throw in a synthetic/clone vs organic human issue… you see where this is headed.

But even though the story might be lacking in originality, the characters have been fleshed out quite nicely, and their back story told in flashbacks that feel like a natural part of the narrative. There are some moments that are all to predictable you have the classic red-shirt problem.. as a new character is introduced you will figure out within a short time whether they will survive or not.

Conclusion: the story is not the most original or action packed but combined with a solid gallery of characters it is not a bad read. However I would rather recommend something other to read; The Bern Saga is an excellent alternative.


A quick review of some easy reads

Elemental Assasin (Series) by Jennifer Estep

A very easy to read urban fiction series, it is how ever a bit simplistic in narration. The stories are only told from the perspective of the main character. And in addition the author doesn’t seem to be able to decide if she should be a bad ass or a goody-two-shoes, to the point that it just annoys you and you feel yourself less immersed in the story and rather just flick the pages to get to the next plot event to drive the story.

The backdrop for both the story and the characters are good, if sometimes a bit cliched. However the narrative in the story and the fact that if you compared the plot development in any book in the series to a ruler, the ruler would be less predictable than the plot development.

However, since you can read one book in the series in about 3-4 hours it is quite suitable for travel litterature when commuting say for short stretches since you don’t really need to know where you left the plot when you pick it up again.

Spirit of Empire (series) by Lawrence P. White

Sci-Fi space-opera-action-y read, good start of the series, and it is a nice story with meat on the bones to let you sink in. Not all the charaters in the story feels real to begin with but they build up throughout the story as it develops. And since this is the authors first books I am quite impressed. I am waiting with anticipation for the next book.

This series I would recommend, not a classic. But a good easy read for when you need some tea and uncomplicated (but not boring nor simple) to entertain you.