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The Polaroid Adventure (cont’d…)

So where did we leave off, right, ordering another camera and having it shipped.

It arrived, in good condition the only complaint I have is that the spring mechanism that is supposed to pop the camera open once I trigger the switch does not pop it quite all the way but it is not a major thing. Other than that it works absolutely fine.

Here it is among my things, I also got a new messenger bag. My old bag which I had named, for good reason, The Bag of Holding has succumbed to years of heavy use. This new bag looks smarter, cooler if you will but it lacks the same carrying capacity. Thus, I needed to do some triage when it came to my everyday carry.

But while the saga of acquiring this camera has ended, the adventure and joy of using it has not. It is, I have discovered, a bit too cold to use the camera outdoors here at the moment.

So for now there is only indoor shooting, I did try to take a few shots outdoor…

But the film does not handle freezing temperatures too well, this is even with shoving the sheets into a warm pocket as quickly as possible.

So in discovering this, I also discovered another relic in storage, a Canon AE1 + 3 prime lenses (35, 50 and 100mm) so it got some TLC and I’ve shot some 35mm film in the mean time BUT before I can post those I have to get a negative scanner for them.

The analogue photo adventure continues….