Do not put off until tomorrow…?

I had planned to do my regular day hike today then I woke up and saw the weather and my enthusiasm was slightly quashed. Not stomped out completely mind, so I got up and had breakfast and coffee so that I could use my mouth for something other than yawning. As I ate my breakfast and felt the tingling of caffeine in my brain my enthusiasm returned.

Weather be damned I was going on my day hike, some chores later and the time was now 13:10… hiking time, 3 hours or more with a detour I’ve wanted to do for awhile.

Water bottle filled and …right, looking around it slowly dawned on me “where is my jacket… trousers… fleece… anything?”

Damn, I decided to do laundry before bed yesterday… putting it on a 6 hour delayed start so that it was ready to be hung up to dry as I woke up, which is a silly idea now that I think about it. Unless there is a post-it stuck to my forehead I am unlikely to remember things that I spontaneously decide to start before going to bed with the idea that I complete them in the morning…

So no hike today, which means I need to figure something else out… maybe do some tidying?

It is a poor substitute for hiking, but an apt punishment for forgetfulness and stupidity.


Did you know there is a band called Laundry day? There is, I have no idea if they’re good or not… but here is a link to their Bandcamp site


The Laundry Files by Charles Stross is a recommended book series (urban fiction)




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