A thing has appeared and I’ve written it

So two things..


I’ve written something over at clearskiescamino after David asked me to contribute and answer a few questions in his “Through my eyes” series about the camino. The post can be found here The Camino Through my Eyes #5 – Sindre Sandvik go read and have a look at David’s other posts and stuff. Had the pleasure of running into him in Santiago this year and we had a great time.


I’ve made a playlist of all the videos from this year, in sequential order. I toyed with the idea of creating new ones and mash them together to make one long video, but it would not be better.. just different. and 3-4 minute bite sized videos is just about right.
the playlist can be found here Camino Primitivo 2016

That is all for now, more is upcoming as I am planning a 4 day hike before winter sets in here in Norway…. more on this later.


3 thoughts on “A thing has appeared and I’ve written it”

    1. That is a certainty, it won’t be next year however. Even though the thought of making the Camino de Santiago a yearly tradition is very tempting. Next year I will spend most of my time flying around and visiting people I’ve met on my travels. I have a small backlog of people I want to visit, so I’ll spend two or three weeks in the US and probably a week or so in Israel, leaving one or two weeks of vacation time left. Which will either be spent in Germany / Berlin or held in reserve for spontaneous travels …or for hiking at home… but these plans are tentative.

      1. Oh I like that. Those plans sound great. 🙂 I have a small visit to the Camino Inglés lined which is about a week and then the rest is up in the air. I may take on some of the great Irish trails but they are nowhere near as exciting or social as the ones in Spain.

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