Camino de Santiago: Day 18 (?)

Going from Virgen del Camino to Villavante

Me and Barbara started out together and had a pleasant walk, sort of leapfrogging past each other and stopping for a bit of chit chat every time we passed each other. I stopped for lunch at a nondescript place and placed myself at a table under a tree and had a fresh glass of orange juice and a tortilla (basically a fluffy omelette with potatoes and about 5cm thick, that is 2 inches for you silly people)

The day progressed nicely, and the walk was pleasant. Even my foot was now recovered and I was almost skipping out of happiness everytime I tested my foot and found that it was still good and there was no pain. All blisters had hardend and the threat of full blown tendinitis had passed.

I was also acutely aware that I was now getting closer and closer, I mean *duh* of course I was, but when you start out with the idea of walking 800km it does not really stick, it seems absurd. Then you get closed and closed and suddenly you realise that this journey indeed does have an end… but the biggest wierdness for the day was when I arrived in Villavente. I decided to stop there even if I had only walked 25km for the day, deciding that I would not push my feet to far now that they finally were recovered.

I was the first to arrive at the albergue, which was a first. I popped my head in the door and gave a shout of “Hola!” and I heard a screeching reply of “Hoola!” but nothing more, so I went in and found a bird (unsure of species, so the general term bird will have to do) sitting there.. so I hung out with it until someone came along and seemed surprised that there would be someone there so early I think I arrived there about 11 or so. However I got checked in and since I had plenty of time I took a long shower, did my laundry and took a small siesta waiting for it to cool down a bit before I headed out to do some sightseeing.


I walked around a bit but it was a small town and not much to do, so I basically just relaxed and took naps between relaxing, and then I went to bed.. ready for a new day.


2 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago: Day 18 (?)”

  1. Ah! that parrot! I stayed there also in May. I was told by the owner not to make her talk because it is hard to stop her! đŸ™‚ But I enjoyed walking from Leon to Villavante. I would encourage anyone to walk the route away from the road.

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