Camino de Santiago: Day five

Day five was the day of recovery, I’d left Casa Magica and felt a bit guilty of leaving Thor. I was still not feeling too good. There is not much to say about this day, the 5km to Estella took me about 2 1/2 hours to walk, with a good 45 minute break in the middle..

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When I arrived the albergue was not opened yet and there was a small queue outside, so I placed my backpack in line with the others and hunted for any open shop so I could get some snacks and an isotonic / sports drink thing to drink. I found one and bought about 2L of Aquarius and some crisps… all of which disappeared quick.

I didn’t do much this day, mostly read / listened to my audio books, wrote in my journal and wrote a few postcards.. didn’t do any laundry since everything was clean .. apart from the clothes I’d been walking in, and those I still classified as clean as I only had walked 5km at a speed that would make Donut seem like a 100 meter sprinter in comparison.

I stayed mostly to myself, not feeling sorry for myself or anything but I just did not have any energy to do much of anything…

Later in the evening some of my appetite returned and I managed to eat the rest of my Paella with a bit of added salt and some bread. I also heard rumours of the famous vine fountain which apparently was just outside of the town. Several pilgrims had already walked to it and filled their bottles and / or wine skins … free wine, I decided that I could wait till tomorrow.


a side note: there was a small hiatus there in the updates… I make no apologies, I will write this up as fast as I feel like. I don’t want it to feel like a chore to do it. Future updates might cover more than one day pr. post…