A last surprise (?)

Tomorrow will be a mystery day, I have no idea how far I will have to walk. Every albergue from here to Santiago de Compostela (that rate reservations) are booked it seems, so here is hoping the municipal ones have free beds when I get there (they don’t take reservations, first ones there gets the bed)

The plan and hope is that I go to O Pedrouzo and get a bed there. Otherwise I will have to walk to Monte del Gozo which is less than 5km from Santiago de Compostela, makes it a ~40km walk doable but I thought I’d put those behind me, well I did joke with Johnny earlier that “we should do one final long miserable day of 40 plus km just to remind us of the early days of the camino”

Seems there is a chance I might get my wish 😀



The end is near!

Santiago de Compostela is now so close that if I wanted I could walk and get there before midnight probably, but that is not going to happen. 

I am going to stretch it out a bit, my flight is not until the 8th so it would do me little good just hanging around in Santiago for days, in limbo with not enough time to walk to Finisterre and too much time to just hang in the city without spending a small fortune (by camino standard)

The last 100km from Sarria has changed the camino though, more and more people walk the camino from here as the last 100km is what you need to qualify to get a Compostela… All We need are banners and a common cause and this would be a parade… 

  Groups like this are numerous now… 

The albergue fill up faster and you the feeling that it gas become something of a race… however I seem to find the small towns that no one stays in anyway and stop there..