Someone asked on instagram “may I ask why you are walking the camino?”

The question is also one you tend to get asked by other pilgrims as you meet them.

The answer is not simple, for me or anyone I think. For some the purpose of/for doing it may be one thing; pious, adventure, experience and so forth.

But why I walk…. As the idea came to me it was the sense of adventure that drew me into it, the feeling of camaraderie that seemed to encompass the camino for those that walked it. 

And while this is true, it is an adventure that will come with it’s bragging rights in the pub, the cameraderi is there I experience it every day. 

This keeps me walking, but us perhaps not the only reason, the other parts are to get time to think through things, trying to let go of the past, learning to not let circumstances define who I am, and try to reconcile with myself. None of these things was the reason for me starting out on the camino but what it became over time.

The that is the complex answer, the easy answer us that I am not walking for religious reasons, the camino has confirmed that I am still quite the atheist.

That is all from Ponferrada,

Untill next time 



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