dead air

Nothing much has come by way of inspiration since the last post, but waiting for inspiration is sometimes quite futile.

I did have some ideas of posts I could write, but those ideas where fleeting and has since escaped in to the multitude of whimsical thoughts that bounce around in my brain. Making it impossible to separate them from the random, silly and just plain stupid ideas I have. This is why it is wise to carry a notebook or something similar to write stuff like this down. I used to do that, then I promptly dismissed the idea anyway.

But at least this way you have something draw from if you need a “I need to write something now” idea.

It is a good thing to have, unless you are one of those annoying persons whom seem to lead such interesting and eventful lives that just writing about what you have done lately would be enough.

What I have done lately:

*Tried installing a live-cd (ubuntu) on a USB stick
*Listened to music
*Watched YouTube videos
*Chatted with friends

This is about the extent of my activities the last few days, oh and I am working/planning an x-mas present.

It has been hectic as you can see, however even a fair amount of free and dead time does not translate to inspiration finding me or ideas plopping into my head.