Christmas survival

If I where to participate in such a drinking game, I would be drunk before you could blink.

An iPad, a cafe and a story

So yesterday I sat down at a local cafe in order to clear my head for a bit. I had something to write, and I was intent on getting a good start.

I what I was writing, and still am, is somewhat of a secret for now. But is a story, and I had it all in my head. Both the reasons for writing it and how the story should be, the characters as well.

A bit of information first, I have attempted writing before, I even have something that is sure to be a long term project. Actually it already is, but is only recently I have started putting pen to paper so to speak.

That story is stuck I cannot seem to get it to grow or develop in any way at the moment. So before I made an attempt at writing this particular one, I had it mapped in my head so that I would not get stuck.

I started out as I intended, but after the first few paragraphs it changed and became more than I imagined, it is still not quite complete. But not much remains before it is. I could continue too expand it, but that would possibly be a mistake. Instead is has an ending that allows for the story to continue should I want to.

And if I really want I could always expand and grow the story later, it seems to be alive in my head. Twisting and turning every time I look at it, I see characters and places that could be described in more detail, or more saturated with a mood and color.

But I think you can describe thing in to great a detail, when that happens you project your image of what the story should be on to the reader. Instead of letting the reader use their own imagination and grow a connection to the story.

This of course can also be used as an excuse to be lazy, it is a fine balance.


These are the ramblings of a tired person, but comments & thoughts are welcome