Hello whomever you are,

I am hopefully resurrecting this blog, it will change a bit. There will still be the odd book review here now and then. But mainly I will use this as a tool to practice writing. Hopefully some short stories will appear here. I have a few ideas; these will also be aired here for comment or ridicule as you would see fit.

Currently I am formulating a story in my head, it is a Orwellian kind of story, however instead of the different ministries, the government is completely anonymous. Members are not known, there is no election, but rather a semi-random drafting from the population.

Have more on this, but need to think a bit more.


The story starts fairly early after the adaption of this system, and centers around 1 man, and flashes back to the days before, to form the backdrop of the story as we move along in the mail plot line, more is revealed.

There is one sequence I have had in my head, where in the person moves through an airport. It only has a few gates remaining open due to travel restricions. But he somehow stumbles in to the closed sections and finds old newsstands and kiosks with, well old newspapers and books in them. From here on it sort of twists. I don’t want to use that particular event to anything else, such as “He read one of the old books, and it gave him insight and courage to rebel” that would be to uhm boring and such. But rather possibly instill a feeling of loss and nostalgia and inspire to some reflection.
–end update–

For now, this is all. But hopefully there will be more.